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            Design Calculator

            About Design Calculator

            Design Calculator combines the Normal and Scientific calculator in a clean & unique iOS design. Intelligent features and highest usability make it a truly smart experience and the perfect utility for every day use. No Advertisement Free Calculator + friendly pricing for single features & Pro upgrade Powerful and reliable calculator engine (scientifically proven) Revolutionary marriage of innovation, lifestyle & design "The New Benchmark for Calculators on iPad" AppGamers "Finally a Calculator becomes Chic on iPad" BlogToGo "Practical ease married with the impressive ability to look good at the same time" Examiner Pro ∞ All Upgrades (Bestseller! Save 25% / 96% Recommended) Design ∞ Create Unlimited Designs from your Photo Library Scientific Mode 39+ Advanced Scientific Functions in Portrait and Landscape Mode History Pro Unlimited Interactive Calculation Log + Undo/Redo/Go Back Smart Menu Edit, Print, Share or Restore Earlier Calculations Anytime Help, support or feedback? http//support.designcalculatorapp.com Love Design Calculator? Great! Please recommend it and rate it 5 stars! Designs seen in advertisement Free download http//designcalculatorapp.com Why does Design Calculator need access to my pictures? The app can’t generate it's interface without access to your photo library. To change access, please open iOS system settings Settings> Privacy> Photos> Design Calculator > "Allow". Afterwards simply select a picture from "Change background" in the App settings. App doesn’t work anymore? Please try fully uninstalling and reinstalling it.

            Website: http://designcalculatorapp.com


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