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            About Histree

            Histree is an enterprise level asset management, mapping, and traceability solution simplifying the collection and analysis of user input data, for the green industry. Histree utilizes or identification tags and smartphone mapping technology to track and record asset activity providing true traceability and management functionality. Capture and transfer data in realtime to our secure cloud servers. With powerful data management and reporting procedures, Histree becomes an invaluable decision support system. Visit the Histree website to request more information. Features Build an asset inventory for any asset type Record tasks performed on individual assets in the field Record various types of data in task or inspection events including numeric, text, images, signature, and sketches. Retrieve the full life history and any documents stored for the asset by scanning the tag associated with the asset and pulling data from cloud. Print or export reports for asset condition or any other task and asset related information. Capture asset's map location with each scan Upload pictures and comments to individual assets Manage all menu taxonomy and data retrieval in a simple to use web interface Note Continued use of running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

            Website: http://www.histree.net


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