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            iEazyRF Pro

            About iEazyRF Pro

            Professional version Std iEazyRF For the iPad only. Additions Two modes of calculation Auto or Devices by Devices. n Auto mode, the frequencies of each device are recalculated with any change. Edition Devices ist Creation Frequencies Plan with printing, creation of and Email Supports Video Standard / and Channels files (base file alterable) Accepts rejection of reserved area in the frequency Edition Window with Available Frequencies There are now two paid versions iEazyRF Std and Pro iEazyRF. The Pro version allows editing of the list of devices, creating the Plan Frequencies (with print), editing equipment with a list of available frequencies and support standard channels / and , with the rejection frequency bands reserved. To change the default channels (Start), save a list under the name Canaux. Std version allows editing the list of devices and supports different video standards. Contact regis@eazyrf.com

            Website: http://eazyrf.com


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