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            Monkey Love Harvard Referencing Guides

            About Monkey Love Harvard Referencing Guides

            We know that you’d rather be doing anything else but referencing, so we at Monkey Love headquarters have gathered the troops together and come up with a simple app that takes the complications out of referencing. Monkey Love Referencing Apps will show you how to reference all the common, and all the not so common references, that you will use during your university life! Ever wondered how to reference a Wiki or Twitter, or a Blog or Conference Proceeding Papers or Patents? How about a book with more than 8 authors (Yep, it’s different than normal!) Well, wonder no more! Stop stressing and wasting your precious time on trying to look up referencing from a big bulky book, or online at your university web page (because us Monkeys know that our referencing app has more referencing examples than your university does, and yes, we checked!) Monkey Love Referencing Apps have the most extensive searchable referencing guide found on the planet.


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