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            Park My Truck

            About Park My Truck

            Park My Truck is a free mobile app developed to help truck drivers locate an available truck parking space. Park My Truck helps professional drivers identify available parking no matter where they are in the United States and allows any parking provider to share their parking availability for free through the app. Please note that in order for the app to work, the user must give the app permission to use their location. Parking availability in the app is reported every two hours by participating parking providers. If the parking availability has not been reported for more than two hours, the available parking will be noted as Park My Truck was developed by the Truck Parking Leadership Initiative, comprised of the Foundation, , the American Trucking Associations and the American Transportation Research Institute based on feedback from professional drivers and trucking companies who describe truck parking availability as a critical need. Learn more about Park My Truck at www.parkmytruck.com.

            Website: http://www.parkmytruck.com


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