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            About Pattex

            The new Pattex Extreme Augmented Reality App and Moment Extreme Augmented Reality Appfrom Henkel is now available for your smartphone! With this next generation App, you will find content directly on the Pattex Extreme construction adhesive products. Let's get inspired by ... Pattex Extreme Power water based construction adhesive Pattex Extreme Total FlexTec polymer based construction adhesive Download the App from the store. Start the App on the smartphone. Take one of the two Extreme products. Look through the camera of your smartphone at the product (30 cm from the product) Watch what happens on the screen. Download it Pattex Extreme with 350kg/m2 instant tack for extreme applications!"

            Website: http://www.pattex.com


            Pattex downloads

            Check these links to find your download for Pattex for & iOS or for your device iPadiPod TouchiPhone.

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            The app Pattex is compatible with te following devices.

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